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Hello Getileino! I wanted to explain my recent edits to some of the furniture pages. I apologize for I do not speak Spanish!

The wiki needs to use in-game names of items, even if the translation is ridiculous. The best thing to do is make a "Notes" section on the page, and say "This is a bad translation. The correct name of the item should be 'name of item'." Feel free to elaborate, and use your own words.

I see that "mimbre" means "wicker", as in a chair or basket made of wicker. It doesn't seem to have anything at all to do with canes. (Did the official translators use Google translate? Maybe...)

So, I apologize for undoing your work, and for the way the game has assaulted the Spanish language.

Thank you very much for working on the wiki, and I hope you continue to do so! Best regards, margotbean (discusión) 07:27 5 ene 2019 (UTC)

Hi Margotbean. First, don't worry for speak to me in English, I can undertand you but is probably that I will have spelling and expression mistakes because I haven't the habit of write/speak in English.

The next one, sorry for the bad edit, is the first time that I edit for a wiki and I need to learn how to do it. Now, I know for the future. And yep, in some translates of the game seem like the translator used google translate or something because that is not the first thing that i understand better with the game on english than on my own language.

I want to help (traslating or adding content) and isn't a problem to me the undo. I'm happy to learn. --Getileino (discusión) 11:41 6 ene 2019 (UTC)