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Hello Minirvana! Well done on creating the new Modding:Índice page! I have deleted the old "Mods" page, since it was obsolete. I've also added "Modding" to the main page of the wiki.

You asked about renaming pages, but only the Admin Katzeus and I can do that. The correct thing to do is create the new page, then on the old page, replace all the text with {{delete}}.

You also asked about how to create new pages -- the easiest thing to do is click on a red link, and the wiki will take you to the "Create" page. But, you figured out how to create Modding:Índice, so I think you already got it :) I don't have a reference page for you... there are help pages at but some information can be difficult to find. You can always ask me questions if you run into problems.

One word of warning: some parts of the English Modding section may not work correctly on the Spanish wiki right away. Mainly, if you see something like {{../header}}, that won't work properly until the Admin sets up "Modding" as a separate namespace. I will ask him to do this, but it may not be until Monday.

Good luck, and well done! margotbean (discusión) 17:42 4 abr 2020 (UTC)

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I've added your edits to the Modding:Guía del jugador/Solución de problemas page, and you shouldn't have any more problems editing it. Please let me know if you do! Thanks, margotbean (discusión) 17:50 5 abr 2020 (UTC)

Link to EN wiki

Hello Minirvana! There were 2 problems with the link on Modding:Compatibilidad de mods

  1. The link on the English wiki was wrong (I've fixed it).
  2. You need the prefix :en. So, the link looks like [[:en:File:SMAPI compatibility.png#Notable events|eventos notables que afectan a este gráfico]].

You can do that with any page -- [[:en:User talk:Margotbean|talk page]] will link directly to my talk page on the English wiki. Cool, eh? :) margotbean (discusión) 15:29 6 abr 2020 (UTC)


Hi again! I'm so sorry I misunderstood what you were asking! The problem is that the rest of the page is missing. References need two parts, the inline reference, and the references section. If either one is missing, you get the HUGE red error on the page.

Once you add the rest of the page, the errors will go away.

Are you planning on adding the rest of the page? It's really long, it uses a lot of templates, and it gets updated almost every day... it might be better to simply add a link to the English page. Of course, then the translated references won't work.

Well, I hope I've answered your question. Every reference needs two parts. If I can help any further, please don't hesitate to ask! margotbean (discusión) 20:33 6 abr 2020 (UTC)