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Articles with broken links/pages

Hello Margotbean, it's Jhordi. I'm wondering if there is way to see the articles that have broken links/pages (the ones with red color), i know there is a category that shows them, but i think it's pretty inaccurate because i tested it by writting an article with a broken link and it didn't show in the category. Thanks in advance. Jhordi (discusión) 03:59 8 may 2017 (BST)

Hello Jhordi -- I think you might want Especial:PáginasRequeridas. It will show every missing link to pages on the entire wiki. Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions! margotbean (discusión) 08:50 8 may 2017 (BST)
Awesome, that's what i was looking for! Thanks a lot :D. Jhordi (discusión) 13:58 8 may 2017 (BST)

Articles under construction

Hi margotbean, it's Jhordi again. Would you mind telling me which articles are under construction? The ones with "Construction" (within {{###########}}) in their code? Thanks! Jhordi (discusión) 03:13 13 may 2017 (BST)

Edit: I think i found it... is it this one ? Jhordi (discusión) 03:28 13 may 2017 (BST)

Yes indeed, that's it.  :) Just to be sure I typed "construction" and "construcción" in the search box and searched for all articles containing those words, and there was only Cofre. I can't believe you finished the wiki already! That was a lot of work, nice job! margotbean (discusión) 04:20 13 may 2017 (BST)
Thanks for the words margotbean, but it was teamwork alongside with Dealberde, Kabra and other people i saw that joined recently, there are few a things left to do though :D. Jhordi (discusión) 12:40 13 may 2017 (BST)
Edit: I forgot... and you of course! lol xD. Jhordi (discusión) 12:49 13 may 2017 (BST)
 :D margotbean (discusión) 21:41 13 may 2017 (BST)


Hello margotean, it's Jhordi. I have a question, is there a way to skip the captchas when creating articles/pages? I'm trying to categorize the articles but i realized that i have to create pages like crazy (categorizing articles and images), so skipping captchas would save a lot of time. Thanks Jhordi (discusión) 17:52 14 may 2017 (BST)

Hi, Jhordi -- you can add a message for Katzeus at this link and ask to be added to the Spanish "translators" group. This will make you CAPTCHA exempt. margotbean (discusión) 18:08 14 may 2017 (BST)

Editing Plantilla:NavboxLocations‎‎

Hi Margotbean, it's Jhordi. I was translating the graveyard (cementerio) article and wanted to include it in the NavboxLocations. I did that, but somehow the changes aren't showing, I also noticed that when I edit the article, the name does show in the NavBox but twice ( Did I do something wrong? Thanks. Jhordi (discusión) 16:15 28 abr 2018 (BST)

impossible to link

Hi again!

I was adding the page of "egg of donosaur" and "cinema" and I can not find a way to make link to "the missing bundle" as it is done in the English wiki. How can I make a link go to a specific part of another page?


Atoshax -- 15/12/2019 -- 17:00 UTC-3

You use #. For example, to link to the "Maquina del Gancho" section on the El Cine page, it would look like
[[El Cine#Maquina del Gancho|Maquina del Gancho]].
For the missing bundle: [[Lotes#JojaMart Abandonado|JojaMart Abandonado]] or
[[Lotes#Lote Perdido|Lote perdido]].
In general -- [[Page Name#Section Name|whatever words you want to appear]].
I still have to update Template:Bundle so that {{Bundle|missing||y}} links to the page properly. I've been quite busy these last 2 weeks!  :)
Hope this helps. Let me know if you have more questions, please! And thank you for translating the wiki! margotbean (discusión) 17:26 16 dic 2019 (UTC)