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Articles with broken links/pages

Hello Margotbean, it's Jhordi. I'm wondering if there is way to see the articles that have broken links/pages (the ones with red color), i know there is a category that shows them, but i think it's pretty inaccurate because i tested it by writting an article with a broken link and it didn't show in the category. Thanks in advance. Jhordi (discusión) 03:59 8 may 2017 (BST)

Hello Jhordi -- I think you might want Especial:PáginasRequeridas. It will show every missing link to pages on the entire wiki. Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions! margotbean (discusión) 08:50 8 may 2017 (BST)
Awesome, that's what i was looking for! Thanks a lot :D. Jhordi (discusión) 13:58 8 may 2017 (BST)

Articles under construction

Hi margotbean, it's Jhordi again. Would you mind telling me which articles are under construction? The ones with "Construction" (within {{###########}}) in their code? Thanks! Jhordi (discusión) 03:13 13 may 2017 (BST)

Edit: I think i found it... is it this one ? Jhordi (discusión) 03:28 13 may 2017 (BST)

Yes indeed, that's it.  :) Just to be sure I typed "construction" and "construcción" in the search box and searched for all articles containing those words, and there was only Cofre. I can't believe you finished the wiki already! That was a lot of work, nice job! margotbean (discusión) 04:20 13 may 2017 (BST)
Thanks for the words margotbean, but it was teamwork alongside with Dealberde, Kabra and other people i saw that joined recently, there are few a things left to do though :D. Jhordi (discusión) 12:40 13 may 2017 (BST)
Edit: I forgot... and you of course! lol xD. Jhordi (discusión) 12:49 13 may 2017 (BST)
 :D margotbean (discusión) 21:41 13 may 2017 (BST)


Hello margotean, it's Jhordi. I have a question, is there a way to skip the captchas when creating articles/pages? I'm trying to categorize the articles but i realized that i have to create pages like crazy (categorizing articles and images), so skipping captchas would save a lot of time. Thanks Jhordi (discusión) 17:52 14 may 2017 (BST)

Hi, Jhordi -- you can add a message for Katzeus at this link and ask to be added to the Spanish "translators" group. This will make you CAPTCHA exempt. margotbean (discusión) 18:08 14 may 2017 (BST)

Editing Plantilla:NavboxLocations‎‎

Hi Margotbean, it's Jhordi. I was translating the graveyard (cementerio) article and wanted to include it in the NavboxLocations. I did that, but somehow the changes aren't showing, I also noticed that when I edit the article, the name does show in the NavBox but twice ( Did I do something wrong? Thanks. Jhordi (discusión) 16:15 28 abr 2018 (BST)

impossible to link

Hi again!

I was adding the page of "egg of donosaur" and "cinema" and I can not find a way to make link to "the missing bundle" as it is done in the English wiki. How can I make a link go to a specific part of another page?


Atoshax -- 15/12/2019 -- 17:00 UTC-3

You use #. For example, to link to the "Maquina del Gancho" section on the El Cine page, it would look like
[[El Cine#Maquina del Gancho|Maquina del Gancho]].
For the missing bundle: [[Lotes#JojaMart Abandonado|JojaMart Abandonado]] or
[[Lotes#Lote Perdido|Lote perdido]].
In general -- [[Page Name#Section Name|whatever words you want to appear]].
I still have to update Template:Bundle so that {{Bundle|missing||y}} links to the page properly. I've been quite busy these last 2 weeks!  :)
Hope this helps. Let me know if you have more questions, please! And thank you for translating the wiki! margotbean (discusión) 17:26 16 dic 2019 (UTC)

Masive editing the article "Mushroom Tree" in the spanish version of the wiki

Hi. I tried editing the wiki in spanish and I had a problem. The edition is marked to "massive edition to a new user" and I want know if exist a mode to you can revise the edition and approve it? Very thanks! Astagion (discusión) 09:39 8 mar 2020 (UTC)

I've pushed the edit through. In the future, you can make a series of smaller edits, and save in-between, and you will not be a "new user" in no time. Happy editing! :) margotbean (discusión) 17:17 8 mar 2020 (UTC)
I don't are fan to edit multiple times the same article. Usually I try edit that article the minimum necessary. I don't like see various editing entries in my page of contributions. Anyway, I thought about doing that before to write to you even thought that the same filter could block multiples edition in little time. Thanks by the inconvenences!. Astagion (discusión) 21:02 8 mar 2020 (UTC)

Changes in Shed tranlation

Hi, i made a mistake in the translation for shed, yes in the game is Cabaña no Cobertizo so I'll change all Cobertizo code to the Cabaña page and I'll do all change necessaries, I hop you could delete te page Cobertizo once I finished, sorry for the inconvenient. I'll edit this when i finish all changes.

--CreedAltair17 (discusión) 19:04 5 may 2020 (UTC)

I finished,please if you can help me deleting the page i will grateful.

--CreedAltair17 (discusión) 21:11 5 may 2020 (UTC)

I think the game's translators made the mistake! We could call the page either "Cabaña" or "Cobertizo ", either would be fine. If you prefer Cabaña, I'll delete the other page. Thanks for translating the wiki!! margotbean (discusión) 00:10 6 may 2020 (UTC)